Why use our relocation management services?

Since 1994, we’ve helped relocating executives and their families to settle into their new lives. Our personalised cost-effective service, reliability and attention to detail allow you to relax and enjoy your global assignment and the adventure of moving to a new city. We have worked with an extensive list of corporate clients and our high standards result in much repeat business from government, private and public companies.

Benefit to company

  • Makes relocation an attractive option for executives
  • Personnel can ‘hit the ground running’ without distractions
  • Complete service for short or long term postings
  • Happier executives = less risk of transfer failing
  • Better control of costs

Benefit to employee

  • Independent advice – no commissions from suppliers
  • Service tailored to your personal needs
  • Home location matched to your lifestyle, office location, family and budget
  • Much less stress, less time running around
  • Ability to focus on your job, not the move
  • Ongoing help after you’ve relocated

Benefit to families

  • Less stress, more enjoyment
  • Relax with extra services, such as unpacking, decorating, babysitting and more
  • Find the best suburb for your lifestyle and family
  • Find the best school for your children
  • Feel ‘at home’ sooner
  • Answers to all your ‘little’ questions – “how do you...?” “where do you...?”
  • Minimise the hassles, enjoy your stay from day one

We’ve helped people working abroad or interstate to feel right at home.

We’ve assisted executives to relocate from the United Kingdom, Europe, India, South Africa, the United States of America, Canada, South America, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Indonesia, as well as to transfer from elsewhere in Australia.




Testimonials from clients


"All the stress of moving was lessened by Lyn’s ‘can do’ attitude and exceptional care”   
Dan relocated from Sydney with 3 children


"The service was extremely thorough, professional and very personal"
Dean and Lori, relocated from Canada


"Their knowledge of properties and Adelaide made us immediately feel we were in safe hands"
Kevin and Jo relocated from Brisbane


"The follow up after we find our home and children’s schools was fantastic"  
Elinora relocated from Spain


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